Sunday, September 7, 2014

Classroom 2014-2015

2014-2015 School Room
(It's FINALLY exactly what I wanted!!!)

Ikea desk and caddy just like the one I drooled over from Confessions of a Homeschooler's Page!
Mom's Desk with extra computer for kids.
It's the little things that make me smile. LOL
Workbox system on right for Sofia and left boxes are for extra workbooks, etc. by subject.

My beautiful closet that Chris put together for me!


LOVE the magnetic boards from Ikea. Each card is up to hold the place for future ART!

My favorite Classroom purchase this year (and no, we didn't go with the multi color curtains since I didn't have enough fabric to do the big window and couldn't get more from HL!)
Nature Journals!

Anna and Chris's Daily Planners
Kids' Weekly Workboxes to make it easy on the go!

Jake, our class pet!

 2013-2014 School Room 
(after we realized the Dining Room that we used wasn't going to work)


Mommy and Sofia's PreK desks

Big Kids' Desks

Closet Space Before
Old Schoolroom
Old School Room
Closet Space Before


~Kimmers said...

Looks GREAT, defintely not as busy as the older school room! You did a GREAT Job!!

Gina said...

Thank you!!! You know I tend to go overboard but am really LOVING the simpler version!!!!