Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer Lovin'

Ahhhhh......I LOVE me some SUMMER but alas, it's over.....now please Texas, bring me some cool weather STAT! Goodbye to the laundry baskets full mostly of towels and swimsuits, endless pool days, the smell of sunscreen, the snow cones, the beach, family bbqs, lazy days with cocktails in hand, oh how I will miss SO MUCH about you dear Summer.  I am ready for Fall, ready for the smells of cinnamon and wonderful winter spices as the baking begins and holidays roll on in.  Before I get all "Winter Nostalgic", here's a cap of summer in pics!

JW Marriott Trip

Cow Appreciation Day

Fifi's Frozen 5th Birthday!

Night Swimming ROCKS!

Park Trips!

Finally tried In and Out

Summer "Do"

Family Hiking

Summer Buzz Cut!

Our Annual Summer Bucket List

Georgetown Blue Hole
Monthly Mom/Daughter Dates with my Mom!
Nana's Birthday Celebration

Summer Beach Trip with Cousins!

Little One started Swim this Summer!

Annual Auditore/Kimball Six Flags Trip

Homemade Ice Cream among LOTS of other crafting fun

Amy's Ice Cream of Course!


Marriott Corpus Christi

Mini Beach Trip while in Corpus!

Their first LSAC Swim Meet


Walks around the Lake

Sister Time!

McKinney Falls with Cousins

Family Lake trip in Austin
Hello Summer!

Goodbye Summer!

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