Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Adrianna's "ABOUT ME" Poster

I am SO PROUD of Adrianna! How F-U-N! And yes, I DID help her. SHE chose the photos, put all the pictures and stickers on and did all the writing and choosing where she wanted everything to go. I printed up the titles and mounted them on cardstock, glued the 5 big pieces of cardstock to the Poster Board and that was it, really! She cut a piece of pizza out to put it on, drew her own pizza, cut it out and pasted it. She added the "C" for cookie and her picture of Sleeping Beauty after I "thought" we were through, oh and she found a "Hip Chick" in my scrapbooking stuff and added that too. :o) I had to stop her with the stickers because as usual, she started going a little nutty. It's never too much in her eyes! (I wonder where she gets that from, wink)


Cindy said...

That is adorable! She did a great job. Did I hear that you have renters now?

Gina said...

YES!!!!! :o) I just printed up the lease and hopefully the deal will be sealed by Saturday....woo hoo neighbor!