Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Okay, so what's been going on over here? Well, as many of you know already we are trying to rent out our house so we can move on up to a bigger, more spacious one since we've decided to grow our family AGAIN. :o) I've spent the past three weeks consumed with vacation, church (we now meet biweekly), Adrianna beginning school, packing so the house looks less cluttered for viewers, patching holes (believe me, we have a ton since I always change things around), being obsessed with Facebook, staying committed to my money saving blog, CVSing and saving over at Walgreens now too, and trying to get pregnant! Yes, when I do something it always seems that I like to do a bunch at one time. No wonder I never stop going.

Don't take any of the above as complaining, because I'm not at all. Things are actually going pretty awesome! I've struggled alot with some personal decisions over the past year, struggled with forgiveness, struggled with trust, battled with my emotions and my thoughts. But at the same time, I have also been overly blessed with friends and family and tons of great opportunities and lots of love shown to me and my family. Lots of my friendships have blossomed and that has been through time and work on both sides. Sometimes I think we feel like we are "owed" something and like to live in self pity and basque in our thoughts of "Nobody wants to be my friend", "They don't really like me", "This is just too much work", and so on. Not everybody is an initiator like myself and I do understand that, truly, but if you want something you need to chase after it, you need to work at it. And of course if the other person wants it too, then that work will be reciprocated. And accepting that not all friendships are going to be at the level you want them at is key.

With that said, don't whine, don't let your mind, thoughts or perception become a reality. That causes nothing but drama. Stay in reality and if you have questions, be direct. Otherwise you will be in an ugly place, and yes I've been there quite a few times. But I want to live in reality and have a husband who loves to help keep me there. :o)

Thank you to my girls, you know who you are, for loving me, supporting me and my family, and always putting in the work to help our friendships grow. I truly do love you!

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