Wednesday, September 24, 2008

When is our cool weather coming?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

Why is TODAY the longest Hump Day ever?!?!?!

I cannot wait until this week is over and we are settling in the new house. I want to get back to a normal routine, if there is such a thing as normal, LOL! I'm surrounded everywhere I go with a taste of fall here and a taste of fall there and just can't wait until it actually feels like fall! I want to bake some pumpkin bread in my new oven, it won't be as good as Erika's, but I WILL copy her recipe! (she makes the sweetest, tastiest around I swear!) I want to make a pumpkin roll again, did it a few times last season and had it down by the 4th time! I want to plug in my apple cinnamon plugins and light my pumpkin spice candles, ahhhh I just want to feel that feeling of fall, the excitement of the holidays, that is just pure bliss for me!

I can't believe September is almost over! OMG!!! Looks like I must add my Christmas counter now! :o)

Just some random thoughts today....
Happy Fall!

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