Monday, September 29, 2008

WE MADE IT! We are exhausted, have the kitchen and my beautiful pantry completely set up and unpacked, the kids rooms actually look like bedrooms and are HUGE compared to what they had a few days ago, my back hurts, my body hurts and I'm piled up to my eyeballs with empty boxes...BUT I'm soooo happy! Tired, but overjoyed.

We had an incredible moving team thanks to all our friends. I was amazed at the help we recieved, the hard work all those guys did when they ALL had other things they could have been doing, and I am just so moved, so touched. I am truly surrounded by "Christians", or should I just say "People that GIVE and serve with a good heart". Our family was provided dinner for the past three nights, help packing, moving and unpacking and I sit here thanking God for them all. He is the one who brought them into our lives, and if it weren't for our church, our group of people living out their lives the way God intended for us to do, we wouldn't be sitting on our new beautiful porch sipping coffee or watching the kids and the dog running around playing in the gorgeous backyard. We are truly blessed and "humbled". I don't even feel like I deserve to live in a place like this, it's beautiful beyond words and more than I EVER could have asked for.

God is good.

Our friends have the hearts that make our life so great and through them, I see God's love everyday.

I'm off to get some rest!

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ruth said...

You really do have some great friends. I'm so happy that you've been blessed with such wonderful and generous people. Congratulations on the BIG move and can't wait to visit with you in your new home.