Friday, September 5, 2008

Last night we had an awesome meeting over at my Pastor's house. It's so funny to refer to him as my Pastor, well not funny, but you know what I mean, he is my friend, his wife is one of my closest friends, our girls are "sisters". It really is amazing. I am a go getter and easily get pumped up and last night when Kyle started the meeting off with a list of all the wonderful accomplishments Resonate has made over the past 2 years and has grown from just the 2 families it started with in an incredible way which pumps me up to realize ALL THE MORE things we can do with all these amazing people and just how much better we can do them this year!

We talked alot about our vision and if people can see it, there is no way they wouldn't yearn to be a part of it. Our church is so different from alot of churches in the fact that we focus on the biggest thing that ALL our our hearts desire, community. We are deeply involved with our community and are already becoming more and more known for that. I do believe the 2nd most wonderful thing we are known of is for our love. There was an awesome statement made last night about how cool it is that there feels like there is this blur between things we do with the church and things we are doing with our friends. When we are hanging out and doing something, anything from a lunch or coffee date to poker or craft night, it's funny when we are asked "Is this a church thing or are you hanging out with friends" and you can answer "both.". You don't have to keep secret a "church life" and "outside of church life". This is why we jumped on board and this is why we've stuck it out. We were invested in by Kyle and Erika and it was real, it was genuine and we love them. They've changed our lives and I wake up everyday thinking about how I can do the same for someone else.

Showing people love, showing people you care, that is how we show others the love God has for them...and THAT is lifechanging! That realization is what fills that emptiness inside that you have, even if you didn't realize it was there. God and His love for us is what completes us as human beings and he uses US to show others that.

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Erika said...

A great synopsis of our meeting and our hearts. I feel doubly inspired. Here's to the fall, and the many opportunities we'll have to introduce others to Christ and true community!