Monday, September 15, 2008

New School, New Day, New Bag Tag

Today has been a day FULL of mixed emotions, which for me means S-T-R-E-S-S! I have been so stressed out about all the details of our final 2 weeks before we move into my "Dream House"! I love the idea of change, love to initiate change, love the results of change, but absolutely do NOT enjoy the details of the change...the to-do's, the questions, the double checking, that is Chris's area of specialty for sure!

All my stress caused me to be absolutely paralyzed today. I didn't get any packing done, even though we are looking good on that part of things (I busted my bottom last week!). I just couldn't focus so instead of being productive on the moving stuff, I spent my morning drinking coffee, clipping coupons, calculating scenarios for CVS and Walgreens, and ran out on a couple of errands. I had to drop off some paperwork to get Adrianna's Withdrawal slip this morning and then had to go back a little earlier than dismissal to sign some final papers. Her teacher walked her to the office and gave her SUCH a big hug wishing her luck. She did just fine, my heart was the one breaking. She said everyone in her class hugged her, it made her feel "happy". :o) She is super excited about going to her new school. We went over there directly from her school to drop off the withdrawal forms and ask some questions about tomorrow morning. I'm praying she has a super sweet teacher!

The day went on and turned around as I received emails and phone calls from the friends who love me the most, encouraging me, reassuring me, listening to me, praying for me and just loving me. In moments like these, I see the women that I can truly turn to when times are tough and I thank God for them! Chris came home with a bunch of positive news regarding some stuff we were stressing about and things started turning around as the day has progressed. Both kids were asleep by 8:15 so I sat down and worked on Adrianna's new Bag Tag for her backpack. I want to surprise her in the morning. It isn't exactly as sassy as I'm sure I could have made it, but I just worked with what I have here since it was late and her name is TOO LONG for all the cool stickers I have. Did the best I could to match her pink, black and silver backpack! :o)

I'm going to bed with a smile on my face, a burden lifted from my shoulders, a clean house and a better perspective for tomorrow.

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Cindy said...

Cute bag tag! I'm sure she will fit in quickly and make friends her first day at Cottonwood. I've been praying for a wonderful teacher for her too. Hope that you have a good day today as well!