Wednesday, October 31, 2007

54 Days till Christmas!

That's IT!!! Halloween is over (well almost) and it's officially time for the countdown!!!! 54 Days until Christmas!!! Now is when I start playing the Christmas Music, watching Christmas Vacation along with all my favorites from Charlie Brown to Frosty to A Christmas's SUCH an exciting time for me and for our family! We will officially start bringing Christmas stuff down from the attic next weekend to start testing lights and gather a list of "Christmas Stock".

I've compiled a slideshow of pictures from our fall fun days so far. Everything that the Fall should be . . . playdates at parks with friends & family, Pumpkin Patch trips, Fall Festivals, Halloween, cookies,sweets and lots of FOOD! I just can't wait to wake up and get the ball rolling and to share it all with you!!!!!

Enjoy the show...


Sabrina said...

I got butterflies in my stomach when I saw how many days it is until Christmas!! I LOVE it!
Thanks for sharing your excitement, it is catching1

Mama said...

Oh my gosh! We are freaks. Jeremy was right. Freaks! Look at my blog! Good grief Charlie Brown!