Monday, October 1, 2007


I am SO excited that one of my favorites is back on! I am even more excited that I remembered to DVR it before we went on vacation since it came back on last week!!!! What is tonight going to bring????? HMMMMMMM......

Today turned out GREAT! Everything worked out with the car, Chris and I had some homemade chili (I actually did a good job doing it by myself!), we went to the gym, had a Starbucks on the way home and now we are putting kids to sleep and getting ready to be able to watch Heroes (after it's over, thank goodness for DVR)! He also told me some great stuff schedule wise which frees me up to be able to make TShirts and Bows with the Girls Wednesday night for Friday night's football game! YAY!

It's so encouraging how at 1:00 in the afternoon it could seem like nothing is getting done, everything seems hectic and overwhelming but then it can all change 100% by 8:00pm. I know Chris's encouragement/support is the BEST medicine for me. Everything always seems like it's okay and will work out when he's around! :o)

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