Monday, October 22, 2007


As far back as I can remember, I've always LOVED horses. I never grew up around them or anything like that but always dreamed of owning one, brushing one, riding one. As a very little girl, maybe 5 or so I used to fantasize about unicorns and was convinced they existed and if I stared up into the clouds long enough then I would see one. I even collected them a little and was obsessed with My Little Pony too! Loved to watch Mr. Ed, got a kick out of Westerns just to spend time next to my dad and of course just STARE at the horses. They have the most majestical eyes!

It's funny, while asking all of those "I want to know everything about you" questions at the beginning of my relationship with Chris, he told me his favorite animal was a horse...I about died! I just couldn't believe it! He was a city boy and didn't grow up riding them or anything like that either, but he admired them just like me! There is just something about their shiny coat, their physical strength, their speed, flowing manes and gentle eyes... I JUST LOVE THEM!!!

Anyway, I am so happy that Adrianna isn't afraid of them. She gets SO excited whenever we are driving around town and she gets to see them. She already is experiencing something I didn't growing up and it excites me SO much! She says she wants a white one, just like a princess....I love her so much! We went to Olde Tyme Days on Saturday and that's all she wanted to do, ride the horse (pony) and get cotton candy. . .
Oh and yes, that is a butterfly TATTOO on her right arm! Chris doesn't like her to have them, but the Girl Scouts troop suckered us in! :o) Oh and I CANNOT WAIT to get her involved in the Scouts in February!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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