Monday, October 22, 2007

My Hair!

So just like any other female I know . . . I get SO frustrated with my hair!!!! I had no problem in the 90's, I had curly BIG was great! But now in the straight haired, skinny body decade I am LOST! ESPECIALLY here in Texas with all the fair skinned, blonde beauties! And of course one of them have to be my sister in law! LOL

Anyway, I was supposed to get my hair cut by my Trendy, Perfectly put together (almost ALWAYS!), beautiful friend Amanda, BUT we ended up staying up WAY too late playing taboo with our husbands and dancing to 80's music in my SUPER SMALL living room like a couple of 16yr was fun to say the least. Well anyway, today she was going to come do it but Christopher has a stomach virus so no company today. So I got to thinking, what do I do with my hair and then out of the blue I get a phone call telling me how AWESOME my hair looked the other day. A very random compliment but so needed at that moment. I wore it curly and it's the second time I've done that in the past couple weeks and got another compliment, sooooo I guess I'm going back to curly for the fall. My hair does well during this time of year with the whole frizz thing so I guess I'll try it out again for a while.

It's so funny how much we women rely on each other. We like to have each other's approval, we like to copy each other, borrow things from each other, get advice, opinions and so on. . . we really need each other for SO MUCH! I would be lost without the amazing women in my life, by my side helping me and supporting me and allowing me to do the same for them too.

This is such a random post but I thought maybe if anyone knew of any good hair product that could be recommended, that would be AWESOME!


Mama said...

You are way too nice to me! :)
And we are cutting this week!!!!!!!! I owe you BIG time for being my passenger to Waco!

I do love your hair curly, love it! But when I cut it, I want to fix it too!

Saturday night was a blast, especially the roller skating! And by the way America, GINA CAN SING!

Gina said...

You know you're in BIG trouble for saying that!!!! LOL