Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our Honeymoon

So last night, Chris and I were talking about how on our 2nd night of our honeymoon which would be tonight... we went to the casino and I wanted to play the $20 slot machine (he thought I was crazy but said I can do it once) and I WON $2,500!!!!!! Wow, did that turn our plans for our 10 days in Aruba COMPLETELY around!!!! We ate like a king, did all the activities you could imagine and truly had no worries while we were there! It was GREAT!

As I look back on the last 8-9 years I can really see how God had been working in my life. Here I was thinking , "Wow, I'm SO lucky!" I can't believe I found this guy and things moved SO fast, most of my family and friends said "Too Fast" but I just knew it was right. One can't explain the heart and the things it causes you to do, only YOU know it's right! We quickly found an apartment which should have been harder than it was so we moved in together immediately. We then had a car situation that amazingly worked out for us. Job opportunities happened easier than they should have. Our wedding reception was paid for by a couple who were bosses of mine back in Massachusetts but were really like my parents to me. We were lucky to be able to go on a honeymoon never mind actually "DO" stuff while there! We started a family, were brought here to Texas (also something I just knew in my heart we were supposed to do) and the list goes on and on....

This whole time, we weren't "church goers" but always have believed and had faith (Chris always had more faith than I did, but my lack in that was result from a crazy childhood). But now, being in our 30's and 40's (okay, he's only 40 and wouldn't like me referring to the 40's since it just started,LOL), we have BOTH matured and are able to see life from a different, more secure place and MAN! IT IS GOOD!

I never knew it could get any better than it was 7 years ago when we sat on the beach drinking our margaritas talking about how wonderful life was! All the conversations about what our future was going to look like. How we wondered what our kids were going to look like and whose personality they would have. Would we have one of each or two girls? Would we live in the city or the country? What would our first house look like? Would I get a white picket fence? Would I be able to stay home with kids and bake cookies, be head of the PTA and have a group of friends with kids? Would the fire still be just as hot as it was on that particular day for us? Would we still be just as in love as we were in the beginning?

Wow, we've grown so much and the best part? We've grown together as ONE.

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Amanda said...

I love this post, it's beautiful. But, I have to say that I love the part about President of the PTA! You would absolutely KICK ASS as the room mom or the president. I am so excited that our two babies will be at the same school. If they are in the same class, YOU HAVE TO BE THE ROOM MOM! I'll be your assistant!