Thursday, October 18, 2007

Call Me "Betty Crocker" or "June Cleaver"...whatever!

Yesterday my Ego was WAY HIGH!! I felt like a domestic goddess....LOL You know I'm laughing my behind off right now as I'm typing this! Everyone knows I love to cook and I used to say, "Yeah I can bake". Well that was until I met this group of women who LOVE to bake and do it every chance they have...yes that's a little intimidating to say the least. So I usually don't even mention "Gina" and "baking" in the same sentence, well not until yesterday!

I DID IT! I actually made sugar cookies from SCRATCH, I mean flour and all. I used a recipe from crisco butter flavored shortening and they came out FLUFFY (cakelike, my favorite) and they WEREN'T BURNT!!! Oh my Gosh!!!! ANNNNNDDDDDD I made a pumpkin roll from a recipe on the LIbby's Pumpkin Can...adventurous but good. Still have to try that one again to perfect it, but it was still yummy! So I of course had to go drop some off to a couple friends, came back home and had dinner with Chris(pork roulade...really good!), dessert with the kids and then I PASSED OUT!!!

My day was full! I had two friends "drop by" for a few minutes, I spent my morning finger painting with Adrianna, she "washed" dishes for me while I picked up the breakfast stuff and the living room, she made her bed and I made mine, and then while looking through her room for a photo from a year ago (which I couldn't find anywhere!) we ended up tearing her room apart, getting rid of some toys and organizing her closet. After dessert, I gave the kids baths and that was IT...I WAS SPENT!!!

"DOMESTIC"....that is when I feel my best! When I'm doing what I want to do, being with my kids and taking care of my home...that's my BEST reward!

My friend told me to put pics of my cookies on the blog but I CANNOT upload them for some reason...this dinosaur computer is just maxed out now (it is from 2000 after all) I think and just can't take anything else on it so I can't do that now! :o(

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Amanda said...

Well, my son ate the sugar cookie! He said it was HIS because Adrianna gave it to him!

Ava Beth thinks you brought her the cinderella slippers I ordered from Disney Store. THE UPS man does not even ring the door bell so we have no idea when we have a package!

I'm glad I saw you while I was running. You made me want to run faster so I could enjoy that yummy pumpkin roll, which was beautiful looking too!

I totally understand what you mean about the domestic stuff. That is truly when I feel at my BEST! We are just doing what God created us to do and for someone that does not bake, you sure chose some hard ones yesterday! YOU GO! It's official, YOU CAN BAKE!

Josiah and Adrianna's teachers will be annoyed or excited about their Mamas being the queens of cookie baking! We will make sure the teachers like I our kids, right?!

I love you!