Sunday, October 7, 2007

October 8, 2007

I know you'll be reading this love,

I was honored to become Chris's wife 7 years ago today. I remember pacing and pacing, worried, running over checklist after checklist, making phone call after phone call, those few days before the BIG DAY! I like to be in complete charge and have always had a hard time physically when I'm not. I get headaches, stomach aches, panic attacks, and everything else you can imagine. But I was AMAZED that morning that I wasn't as nervous as I thought. I already had the manicure,pedicure, massage, went through the horrific experience of waxing for vacation, got the deep conditioning treatment for my hair, facial and woke up feeling refreshed and OH SO READY! All that anticipation and FINALLY, IT WAS THE DAY!!!!

Like most brides, it was a moment I will treasure forever! I WAS FINALLY A "REAL" PRINCESS, like I always dreamed! I can go on and on with all the details, but want to keep this short and sweet! I am married to a super sensitive, giving, loving, compassionate, supportive, understanding, patient and kind man. He truly is my best friend. He completes me, he complements me in all the ways I need him to so I don't seem as disfunctional as I feel at times. He listens, truly listens, to me when I talk to him about my problems, my dreams, my fears, pretty much anything! Well, does he have a choice? Poor guy!

I don't want to embarrass him, which I'm sure I am, but's my blog! :o)
Here are just a few of the things I love about my sweet husband Chris....

He's a dreamer, and loves to share them with me, both the big ones and the small ones.
He always opens the door for me, even with two kids!
He knows when I need to take the lead and he lets me.
He never yells at me, curses or disrespects me.
He's not afraid to show affection in public.
He is the "Truth Teller" in my life, ALL THE TIME, like it or not!
He's great with people, he's usually the favorite boss, and is a success in everything he does!
He is a thinker and a great problem solver.
His kisses are gentle, his hugs are tight, and his whispers make me feel like a teenager in love.

I get butterflies when I see him in a group of people and he flashes me a smile. My legs get weak when he tells me how amazing I am. My heart melts when the kids jump out of my lap as soon as the front door opens and they see daddy. I never thought in a million years I would have a "Chris" in my life to love me, support me, honor me, and continue to do so just as he did 7 years ago.

I love you hun . . .

I always wished and hoped for a strong man who will love me no matter what I say or I do.
I always dreamed of someone who would stand by me, even if he may not agree 100%, but because it's important to me and that's enough for him.
I always dreamed of a man who never got tired of hugging me and wasn't embarrassed to show it in public.
I always dreamed of a man who didn't put sports, work, or friends BEFORE me!
I always dreamed of a man who was completely fulfilled and content with having just ME!

Chris, YOU ARE my dream come true...... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!


Sonya Terrell said...

Congrats! You are so lucky!
Everything you described is what I want too and I pray that God will send him to me.

Have a great anniversary!

Amanda said...

So beautiful! Y'all look like a Sopranos couple! :) You are so beautiful Gina and Chris is so handsome. The way you are together is truly an inspiration! You make me want to be a better wife.

Cindy said...

Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday and got to celebrate your special day. Love the pictures! You look amazing and Chris is a hottie!

Amanda said...

I think 40 is good on Chris. Those tiny little places of grey is what makes him a hottie! :)

Gina said...

Thank you girls! We all love to have "girlfriend approval" and it just reminds me how lucky I am! You're all so sweet. xo