Wednesday, October 24, 2007

You know you're a MOMMY when...

Well you know you're a mommy when you get thrown up on by your child and don't even flinch, in fact you encourage it to go on your lap or in your hands instead of on the couch or the carpet! :o)

You also know you're a mommy when you take a whiff of what smells like sour milk and pick your baby up to see that it's just diarrhea that leaked through his clothes and all over yours (that you just changed when the other child vomited on you!) AND it doesn't even phase you.

I've had the joy of having puke on almost EVERY part of my body, including my hair (gotta love that one!), I've been peed on, pooped on and it doesn't phase me. I NEVER thought I could experience that and not be TOTALLY grossed out!!! But when your sick baby looks up at you with those glassy, sick eyes you can't help but have your heart break and think about NOTHING else but making them feel comfortable.

So it's official, all 3 of my babies are sick (I included my husband in that one since we ALL know how men get when they're sick!). I'm holding on strong, hoping that I don't get it because then we're in trouble! :o) I'm about to make some soup and settle down to finish watching "Homeward Bound" with Adrianna.

We have to miss out on dessert with friends tonight, Pumpkin Patch trip tomorrow with all of our friends, Bible Study and a Pumpkin Hunt on Friday . . . that is the part the stinks the most, missing out on the FUN stuff! But it's okay, we will do the Pumpkin Patch with Daddy this weekend instead and enjoy laying around in pj's, watching movies and eating soup while the air is nice and crisp outside.

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Mama said...

I am praying my guts out, not puking my guts out, that this does not happen over here! PLEASE GOD NO!

I love you. :)