Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 1


Okay, so my Super Duper Running Friend, Amanda, a.k.a THE TRAINER, took me on my FIRST run!!! I have been playing with the idea of that quick rush, easy to execute workout and I've FOUND IT! I have a membership to the gym, my one of MANY over the years and it's just so hard for me to go. It was much easier to go when I had a friend to go with and my kids would stay in the childcare. But now Christopher just won't stay and the drive 12 min there and 12 min back just to be called in to pick him up after 10 minutes was just SO discouraging for me!

And NOT that running seems easy, BECAUSE IT DOES NOT, but it's something I can do on the spur of the moment, kids are quiet and I can just take off for 30 minutes instead of over an hour like I used to with the drive to the gym.

So say a prayer for me that I can keep this up. It's quite intimidating running with a friend that has legs of steel and her running partner has legs that never seem to end they are so long. I know I am the "beginner" and may be a pain to bring along but I just am so thankful to have women that want to help me feel better about me!!! :o)

Man, that rush I felt on the way home WAS AMAZING!!!!! WOW I can't wait to chase after that again tomorrow!!!!!

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Mama said...

Legs of steel?! ha! Your so funny!

You did great today. I am so proud of you. You will be amazed at how it makes you feel. To me, it's totally addicting and for someone with an addictive personality like myself, you will get addicted! :) Addicted to running? What could be better for our love of jeans?!!!

I love you!