Saturday, August 28, 2010

9.77 Miles!

obviously this is NOT me, but I just LOVE this pic!

Well, I can't believe it...I DID IT!!!! 9.77miles plus a half mile warm up so "technically" I did a little over 10 miles in 2 hours 2 minutes and FELT AWESOME!!!! Had a couple of good laughs with the girls of course and LOVED LOVED LOVED my new fuel belt...worked GREAT for me!

I felt like a real runner today and it was well to put it in one word FREAKING AWESOME, okay two words, whatever. ;o)

Took the electrolyte pills, had exactly enough water (32oz) since the weather was PERFECT, started off with a Myoplex Lite Shake at 4:15am, sipped on a cup of coffee on the way and popped some Extreme Jellybeans in my mouth at 5:15 and then took my Cliff ShotBlocks at mile 5. Everything just worked like a charm today! Stretched and had some Dunkin afterwards, then came home a took an ice bath...what a way to kick off a Saturday, I feel really really good!

I was talking to Kim today when we hit mile 7 and said, "Can you believe how good we feel?". We really can do a half marathon, not just that but FOR SURE can do a full one! I felt like I could have easily done 3 more miles today...and THAT amazes me!! Now I am by NO means like the more elite runners I know BUT I know I have the potential to be that, and that right there my friends will drive me for sure! One day I won't be doing intervals but for now, I am okay with the walk breaks. My pace was still great (12.29) for the distance little old me did and I couldn't be happier right now...gotta LOVE the whole "runner's high" thing...LOL!

Sometimes I am still in disbelief that I am doing this. Different seasons in life bring different things and boy am I glad that this is the season in my life for running.....I love you pavement! And I'm thankful for my friends that get up at ungodly hours to run together, encourage each other, laugh together and are always willing to try something new!

Love you girls!
Happy Saturday!!!

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