Monday, August 16, 2010

Me? A Runner?

Yeah, I think I'm going to have to get more comfortable calling myself a "Runner". I may do it differently than others. I may follow a different plan than another runner. I am doing the Galloway Interval Training Plan and I am actually okay with that, for now. One of my biggest struggles is always wanting to do what everyone else is doing. If it seems AWESOME, I'm jumping in and giving it a try. I may not stick to it, but I will usually give it a whirl. :o)

My beach run 8.8.10 Amazing 7mi by myself during vacation...UNFORGETTABLE!

I have been intrigued with running since I was in Junior High. I was NOT a runner, never participated in anything in Junior or High School. I did take to running for about a year on my own to just get away from the house and loved it. But for some reason, never took it anywhere. Then I met a friend, Amanda, and saw her train with another friend from 5K to a few Marathons! I tried to do it on my own and just couldn't be consistent, then entered a season of change in my life, BIG CHANGE....deciding to have a 3rd baby, rent out our house and move into a bigger house to rent, oh yes and lets not forget big job change for my husband. So needless to say, running/working out was NOT a priority for me. I was in that season of change, pregnancy and back into the world of babies! LOVED it, VERY fulfilled!!

I needed to be motivated and needed someone to help push me. I needed a running buddy!

Then I met the Kimster! :o) This girl is very similiar to me in many ways and I just love her. We began our running journey together and there really is nothing better than having a partner when you are starting out. We did our first 5K together, then a 10K with a group of friends, moved on to a Triathlon with more friends and now we are training for our first Half Marathon! There is something about running with someone, suffering with someone (LOL), that just brings you close together. Our conversations are some that I will never forget. She's a great listener and encourager. We laugh ALOT during our runs together and I think it's those runs that help keep it "fun" for me.
Our First Race! Trail Setter 5K 3/10

Cap 10K 4/10
Danskin Triathlon 6.10

Then there are the runs when it's just ME. No music. No talking. Nothing. I get to think. I get to pray. I get to plan/brainstorm. I get to take in some of the simple, beautiful things all around me that sometimes I'm just too busy to see!

I love this running thing.

I may not be the best runner, but I'm doing the best I can right now.

That's all that matters.


~Kim said...

We started running baby steps together, did our first 5k race together,first 10k together, first triathlon together, and we will continue until our toe nails fall off together... LMAO!!Ha ha ha ha...

Love to you my running partner... Couldn't do it with out you!!! It's pain, but so much more fun to suffer together!!LMAO!!!

Gina said...

No toe nails, what a great goal to reach for together! LMAO! You're a nut!