Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Hodge Family

Since I've been on such a collage kick lately, I figure I'd end this week with a bunch of pictures of a family Chris and I hold dear to our hearts, The Hodges. They moved here to Hutto with Kyle and Erika to plant Resonate Community Church 4 years ago and have spent their time, energy and money "investing" in people. The impact they've had on our family just can't be put into words. They are beginning a new Season in their lives back in the Dallas area and I just know that they will be blessed so much in so many ways! After all, God does bless in abundance, doesn't he? I know I've experienced it being lucky enough to live right across the street from them for almost 2 years now.

I'm so glad that you're close enough for us to see often!

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Cindy said...

Holy cow where did you find all those pictures! We love you guys and will miss you. You know we will visit every chance we get!