Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Summer Lovin' ...

....had me a blast....summer lovin happened so fast.... yes I am SO A GREASE FAN!!! :o) Anyway, can't believe Summer is almost over! We had a great summer, made some wonderful memories with the family, hit some milestones and now I'm ready to say goodbye until next year!

I welcome the Fall, always have. Fall is that stepping stone to get me to my favorite season!!! Christmas!!! Oooops, I mean, Winter...LOL! I am pretty free spirited naturally and don't like to have too rigid a routine or schedule but am looking forward to getting out of this "lazy season" of life and get back on the ball!

My head is SWARMING with so many ideas, things to do, etc...
  • Meet the Teacher Gift, found some cute ideas here.
  • Our traditional 1st day of School Cake! Ideas here, here, and here so far! :o)
  • School clothes shopping (almost DONE!)
  • Paint Adrianna's room and finish putting it all together
  • 10 year Anniversary Trip!!!!!!
  • 1/2 Marathon coming up!
  • Sewing, sewing, sewing
  • Crafting, crafting, crafting
  • Baking, baking, baking
  • Re-do my Recipe Binder
Oh and this list just goes on and on and on....ha!

I am coming into "My Season" and getting very excited about it! Every upcoming month holds something fun and exciting for our family and when these little sweeties are sick and I feel tired and worn out, I just try to keep on focusing on that stuff! Looking forward most to starting our Money Makeover with our church to help get one of my BIGGEST burdens worked on and under better control, our finances! I'm jumping back full force into my couponing and organizing...time to get serious guys! :o)

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