Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some of my Favorite Things!

So yes, I know you probably don't care what some of my favorite things are lately, LMAO, but this is my blog so I'm going to share anyway! HAHA! :o)

I've been really enjoying drinking hot tea at night, the green and white Liptons are my newest but my old time favorite is pretty much any Tazo tea, but I'm partial to the Chai! I was ADDICTED to Chai Lattes when I was pregnant with Sofia! YUMMMM!

My Garmin! This is hands down the BEST running tool you can have!!!

My and my hubbie's FAVORITE moisturizer! Doesn't matter the season, it's good stuff!
DryMax socks from RunningWarehouse...these are the BEST!!!! Thankful to my "seasoned" running friends for the tip on these!! :o)
Thanks to my AWESOME sister for this bottle of perfume over a year ago...I'm hooked! LOVE IT!Homemade Bath Salts!!! I've made quite a few and have recieved various sugar and/or salt scrubs in the past few months for my nightly baths and LOVE THEM!!! You can put any essence oil in them, but I prefer mint and/or eucalyptus! Ahhhhhhh!!!! Oil and Salt or is OH SO SOFT!!!! Screw you Bath & Bodyworks....I'm too frugal for you! LOL
Mixing two of my favorites lately...FIBER ONE CEREAL and CHOBANI GREEK YOGURT...
oh yeah! (Favorite Greek yogurt is Fage really!)Groupon is one of my new FAVORITES! I recently purchased a $50 Gap gc for $25 and a $20 Maria Maria Restaurant gc for $10 (Carlos Santana's restuarant in Austin). This site ROCKS! Sign up and have your area deals (groupons) emailed to you daily!
So these are just a few things that were on my mind tonight! I could go ON AND, snacks, clothes , etc...but I am going to go enjoy one of my FAVORITE things...cuddling with my hubby! :o)

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