Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Newest Accessory!

I couldn't pass this one up today at Ross! Oh I love Ross!! And what better way to begin the new season than with a new apron?! LOL

I've put together my September MONTHLY menu plan and just have to print it up to look over it and create a shopping list then I'll post it up! :o) Now this will be a dinner menu plan based on what meats I have now in the freezer and a couple things that looked really good to me that I wanted to try as well. Having it set up for a month will enable me to have a loose grocery list planned each week way in advance. I should only be shopping for my weekly store deals and produce really so this, I'm hoping, will make a huge difference in the budget. We are starting Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover in September and I'm REALLY looking forward to all these different schedules, routines and discipline to start over here. I NEED IT!

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