Monday, August 23, 2010

Garmin, Fuel Belt, MILEAGE!!!

I am VERY excited today!!!! I got my very FIRST fuel belt!!! Yes, it's these little things that simply THRILL me! LOL My buddy Kim loves to run with a water bottle in one hand and her iPhone in the other hand (LOL) but me, I don't like to have ANYTHING in my hands really. I have one of those handheld water bottles and it's okay,but I prefer to do without it. This heat does make me feel the need for water, even on a short 30min run, I need it! I have my longest run yet coming up on Saturday...9.5miles!!

I never thought I'd be running 9.5 miles, shit I never thought I'd run 3 or hop on a bike to race...and you KNOW I never saw myself swimming in a race! So when I am feeling doubtful, I keep going over in my mind the things I've succeeded in so far and it helps give me that extra little boost I need. I'm looking so forward to Triathlon season next year but for now I'm focusing on my running! I have three races in my plan for this season and now just have to budget them in and pay for them one each month, these things are EXPENSIVE!!!! I was sitting around last week wondering if I'd be able to fit a Marathon in this year but wasn't sure if I'd have time to train since I knew the White Rock 26.2 in Dallas was too close to the Chosen Half Marathon I'm doing in October...BUT I came across the Austin Marathon, looked at the Galloway training plan and it just so happens that I can easily transition from one race into the training for another!!! I KNEW it was just meant to be!! So looks like this is where I'm at from here until 2/20/2011!!

9.5 mi 8/28
4.0 mi 9/4
11 mi 9/11
4.0 mi 9/18
12.5 mi 9/25
4.0 mi 10/2
14 mi 10/9
5.0 mi 10/16
13.1 mi 10/23 The Chosen Half Marathon Race
4.0 mi 10/31 (I jump right into week 13 in Galloway's 30wk Marathon Plan!)
14 mi 11/7 Rock n Roll Half Marathon (benefits breast cancer so I thought this would be great!)
5 mi 11/14
17 mi 11/21
5 mi 11/28
6 mi 12/5
20 mi 12/12
6 mi 12/19
6 mi 12/26
23 mi 1/2
6 mi 1/9
7 mi 1/16
26 mi 1/23
7 mi 1/30
6 mi 2/6
7 mi 2/13
26.2 mi 2/20 RACE DAY! Austin Marathon

So talk about a little nerve racking...OMG!!! I look at this and think, "Me? Really? Running this many miles??" I can honestly say I saw a woman who reminded me of myself in so many ways not just accomplish this but do multiple marathons and she is who I think of alot when I'm out there pounding the pavement. Very inspiring. I KNOW I can do this!!! I just can't give in to that self doubt I'm so famous for having. If it weren't for my Kimmers I don't think I would even be able to any of this! LOL :o)


Unconditional Love said...

Way to go Gina, you are about to enter the 10 mile club!! That is a huge accomplishment! You will love SA rock and roll it is lots of fun.

Gina said...

Thanks Heidi! I'm very excited about SA!!