Monday, August 30, 2010


Okay so after talking with a friend at church yesterday, I realized I MUST do some confessing here! I love Mondays for the simple fact that I can try to get it right this week. It's a fresh start and there is nothing I like better than putting the negative behind and moving forward. It's VERY easy for me to drop something that doesn't work and move on, not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing since that can be sort of inconsistent, but whatever, it's me!

Most of my friends know I LOVE Facebook! I can update through my phone and the people who care about me, know that I have a busy life so it's a very simple way of keeping them updated. One of the drawbacks about FBK though is that it may seem like I always have it together and her is a little confession....I DON'T!!! LOL

I can go on and on about all the great things that I've been up to and routines I've instilled but I can also go on and on about all the sucky things I do and can or cannot maintain. But instead I think I will bullet-point some simple confessions to show you that I'm not perfect, I don't have it together all the time, I have lots of insecurities, but I just push forward which is all I can do!! LOL!

  • I've fed my kids more fast food and junk this summer than I wanted to and I MUST stop this insanity!!!!!
  • My upstairs game room and 2 out of the 3 kids' rooms are TRASHED and I dread going up there to get it together...looks like a BOMB EXPLODED in the game room!
  • My laundry was completely done and put away and guess what, it's loaded back up again which is how I will spend my Monday!
  • My couponing has gone to crap and I'm completely unorganized with it! Coupon box is all screwed up and I don't feel like I have it together there at all.
  • My budget system went out the window this summer and although I know we need to get back on the ball (we're starting The Money Makeover program next week) I am dreading the "confinement" of a budget.
  • I feel fat most of the time no matter how much weight I lose, and this is a battle I've had since I was a teenager.
  • I'm not always comfortable in my own skin and question "Who I am" sometimes.
  • I don't always want to "Do the right thing" and have to force myself into that behavior at times.
  • I have "Daddy Issues" and "Abandonment Issues" that I thought would go away but they love to creep up during times of stress.
  • I don't know how to relax AT ALL but deep down wish I could!
  • My car is a hellhole most of the time, I have no value for a clean car and really don't care. :o)
  • My bills are stacked up on my desk and I know I need to get to them TODAY but really don't want to and probably will put it off as long as I can since I HATE DOING BILLS!
  • I get excited by my running and feel great afterwards but still think I suck at the running thing!
  • Don't always feel good enough.
Okay so there you have it! These are just a few things I wanted to confess. It's okay to have our moments of insanity, moments of self doubt, moments of poor me, but you just can't stay there. You've gotta focus on the bigger picture of this thing called life and just move forward. I know that I have to stay positive and if I'm feeling negative or down then that's usually a sign that I'm under some stress and I need to do some reprioritizing of some sort. I will admit, I've gotten really good at re-evaluating, taking an inventory of what is what and what needs to go. So that could be considered inconsistent but it's important for me to do that since I'm one that likes to constantly try something new.

So why I like Mondays, is simply for that reason! It's a fresh week, I can put together the schedule for the week (which I don't always stick to) and get some focus. BUT I do have 3 children so schedules MUST have some flexibility and I'm okay with that. :o)


Kimmers said...

Crazy Lady!!! Lmao!!!

Jennifer said...

Wow, it is nice to know there are others out there! Thanks for the post and revealing a side most of us never see of you. We have a lot in common especially with those issues.